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Huge Protests Demanding to ‘Impose Islamic Identity’ Expected Friday in Egypt

The ultra-conservative Salafist Front, an Islamist political organization, has called for a “Muslim revolution” (Arabic link) across Egypt on Friday, November 28 in order to “impose Islamic identity without disguise” and to “impose Islamic sharia” law.

The Salafist Front, formed after the 2011 uprising against President Hosni Mubarak, also demands the reinstatement of President Mohammad Morsi, who replaced Mubarak and was ousted in July 2013 amid mass protests against his rule, the Al-Ahram newspaper reported.

The Muslim Brotherhood announced its support for the Friday protests. The Brotherhood, which was designated in December 2013 by the Egyptian government as a terrorist group, “called the protests a new wave of the glorious Egyptian revolution and urged others to fight for their identity and victory of peaceful freedom of expression,” Daily News Egypt reported.

A statement published on the Brotherhood’s website on Sunday stated:

The Muslim Brotherhood treasures the call to preserve the nation’s identity, which the Egyptian people including the Muslim Brotherhood fought for… The Egyptian people won’t accept any attempt to obliterate its Islamic identity.

The protest has alarmed (Arabic link) Egypt’s security agencies, who are warning of potential violence by demonstrators. The authorities have threatened to use live ammunition against anyone who attacks state institutions during the protests, the Anadolu News Agency reported. Egyptian Ministry of Interior spokesman Hany Abdel Lateef said in an interview on the Tahrir TV Channel that any threat to police facilities “will be met with force.”

It is still unclear how many people will participate in the demonstrations, but according to Egyptian media reports there is great concern that tens of thousands of extremists may join in mass protests. It is also unclear whether Salafi jihadi groups in Egypt will send representatives to the demonstrations.

[Photo: Hossam el-Hamalawy / Flickr]