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Hamas: Jerusalem Baby Murderer Is a ‘Hero’

Hamas has released a statement praising the October 22 terror attack in Jerusalem, which caused the death of three-month old Haya Zissel Braun.  A Hamas spokesman said the attack, carried out by one of its members, is a natural response to Israeli policy in Jerusalem and the city’s Aqsa Mosque.

Eight people were wounded when a car driven by Abd al-Rahman al-Shaloudi, a former prisoner, plowed into passengers who had just disembarked from the Jerusalem light railway at the Ammunition Hill stop. Al-Shaloudi is reported to have died of wounds suffered after he was shot fleeing the scene.

In a post (Arabic link) published following the attack and seen above this article, Hamas described al-Shaloudi as a hero:

“The hero Abd al-Rahman al-Shaloudi performed an operation against the Jewish settlers in Jerusalem.”

Surfers on the official forum of Hamas praised (Arabic link) the attack, expressing joy over the wounding of Israelis and calling on West Bank residents to conduct an intifada (popular uprising) against Israel.

The user Hamas Amalna wrote (Arabic link):

“God have mercy on the hero martyr. As for the injured pigs, I hope they will not heal and will go to hell.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, following the deadly terror attack. Ynet reported:

“This is how Abu Mazen (Abbas’) partners in government work,” Netanyau said, referring to the Palestinian unity government comprising Hamas and Fatah. “This is the same Abbas that only a few days ago called for harming Jews in Jerusalem.”

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon charged that in the Palestinian Authority there is not, and never was, a culture of peace, but a culture of incitement and jihad against Jews.