Revolutionary Guards Naval Chief: U.S. Must Leave Gulf

Despite the nuclear talks taking place in Oman between Iran, the U.S., and the EU, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy has issued a clear warning to the United States to leave the Gulf region.

Admiral Ali Fadavi’s statement is just the latest example of Tehran’s verbal belligerence as the U.S. attempts to eke out a deal over Iran’s nuclear program.

The US is a military power and Persian Gulf is the world’s major point. The US is seeking to keep presence in Persian Gulf to preserve its domination…Iran is a powerful country in Persian Gulf and Americans have no choice but to leave the Persian Gulf.

Meanwhile, Fadavi’s spokesman General Ramezan Sharif told a news conference yesterday that Iran’s deterrent power has repeatedly prevented the “enemy” from attacking the Islamic Republic, saying “The missile power prevents practice of military options which have been and are on the enemies’ table.”

He also explained that the Fordow nuclear enrichment complex is so well fortified that it has prevented anyone from launching a strike against it. This type of comment leaves analysts wondering why Fordow is so well protected if Iran’s nuclear program is merely civilian.

Last year, Fadavi explicitly threatened American naval assets, boasting that Iran has “the necessary equipment to destroy American aircraft carries (sic) and warplanes in the Gulf.” Last week he boasted that Iran could destroy the American fleet “in 50 seconds.”

[Photo: Aaron Ansarov/U.S. Navy / Wiki Commons]