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Saudis to Build First Nuclear Reactors

In a report published by Algemeiner today, Saudi Arabian energy officials were quoted announcing that they plan to build the nation’s first nuclear power plant “for peaceful purposes.” The report originated in the London-based Arab language daily, Al-Hayat.

According to the Algemeiner:

Senior sources in the Muslim kingdom told the newspaper that construction of the reactor is expected to begin before the end of the calendar year.

“Construction of the first Saudi nuclear reactor will take ten years, according to the plan, although we hope that we can complete the task in less time,” the newspaper said, quoting Saudi sources.

An industry group, the World Nuclear Association, published a report in May that revealed an ambitious Saudi nuclear program that calls for the construction of 16 civilian nuclear reactors to provide up to 20% of the nation’s energy by 2032.

A report at the Hebrew website NRG noted that in contrast to the Iranian nuclear program, the Saudi reactors will be built with cooperation from South Korea, China, and France.

[Photo: Bloomberg News / YouTube ]