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Gaza Bishop: Hamas Fired Rockets from Church Compound

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) reported Wednesday on the plight of Archbishop Alexios, the “most prominent” Christian clergyman in Gaza.

[Alexios’] decision to open his church to 2,000 Muslims escaping the war surprised many of Gaza’s residents. …

Alexios and the estimated 1,500 Arab Christians who live in the Gaza Strip walk a fine line between trying to stay alive and the Bible’s command to share God’s love. Since Hamas’ 2007 takeover of Gaza, residents say it’s imposed strict Taliban-style Islamic laws on the people.

Despite the kindness Alexios showed to Muslim residents of Gaza, Hamas showed no such respect for his church. In the middle of the news report, embedded below, Alexios took the reporter to the roof of the church compound and pointed out which parts of the compound Hamas had used to fire rockets into Israel.

Israel has documented Hamas firing from or close to mosques, schools and hospitals, as well as storing weapons in civilian buildings. Using a church to fire rockets fits with Hamas’ modus operandi.

[Photo: CBN News / YouTube ]