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UN Gives Hamas Back Rockets it Hid in UNRWA School

The U.N.’s largest single agency, the massive U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), handed over rockets to Hamas that it discovered last week in one of its schools in Gaza.

The revelation came after UNRWA embarrassingly was forced to admit last week that its education facilities were being used by terrorists to store weapons, an accusation it had previously denied.

“The rockets were passed on to the government authorities in Gaza, which is Hamas. In other words, UNRWA handed to Hamas rockets that could well be shot at Israel,” a senior Israeli official told The Times of Israel.

UNRWA official Christopher Gunness said the rockets were handed over to “local authorities” in Gaza, but despite the recent unity government agreement between Hamas and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party, it is well known that Hamas controls all activity in Gaza.

The Palestinians appear to be refusing to show Israel any evidence of where the rockets went.

Egypt’s Al-Masry Al Yom newspaper reported that an “informed source” in Egypt commented on the behavior of Hamas leaders as the rocket fire on Israel continues and Hamas fighters draw Israel into combat in heavily populated Gaza neighborhoods:

“At the same time that the leadership of Hamas movement lives abroad, either in Qatar or elsewhere and enjoy lives of luxury staying in five star hotels and travelling by luxury cars, they leave innocent civilians from Palestinian people to fall by the dozens each day and shed their blood and pay the price of the adventures of the political and military leadership of this movement, and they are quite detached from the events and the difficult conditions faced by the people of the Gaza Strip.

“The source pointed out that it might have been more useful to Hamas and its leaders, rather than spending full-time on the launch of lies and allegations, to elevate their level of responsibility and are injected into the blood of its people by accepting the Egyptian initiative to achieve the demands of the Palestinian people for a cease-fire and the opening of border crossings.”

[Photo: UNRWA logo]