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In Ongoing War Crime, Hamas Pushes Civilians to Act as Human Shields

In a TV interview, a Hamas spokesman called on Gaza residents to act as human shields. The terror organization also urged Palestinians to ignore Israel Defense Forces warnings of impending aerial strikes.

These are just the latest examples in a string of flagrant breaches of international law as reported by The Tower in recent days.

Sami Abu Zuhri is Hamas’ public face during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge. He made his plea during an interview on Hamas’ Aqsa TV.

We in Hamas call upon our people to adopt this policy in order to protect the Palestinians homes.”

What Abu Zuhri failed to say in the interview is that the homes in question are those of Hamas terrorists. Israel sends warnings to people who live in the same buildings as terrorists or from where terror activities are taking place in order to give them time to evacuate.

During the last 24 hours Gazan rockets reached as far north as Zichron Yaakov, some 70 miles away. On July 10, rockets targeted Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Ashdod, and other major population centers, including Rehovot, Nes Ziona and the mixed-Arab Jewish towns Ramla and Lod.

[Photo: Hamas flyer via IDF website]