Former Israeli General: ISIS Threat to Jordan is Direct Threat to Israel

Jordan is facing threats on three fronts: from Syria, ISIS in Iraq and potentially from Hamas in the West Bank, former head of the Israel Defense Forces Operations Branch Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Israel Ziv told a news conference of The Israel Project on June 24.

The threat to Jordan from ISIS, should also be perceived as a direct threat to Israel, he said. The Jewish state cannot merely look at the current physical threats on its borders. Israel’s security policies have to take in the broader regional picture.

Jordan has the longest border with Israel. For Israel, any change or real threat that puts Jordan in instability has a direct effect on Israel, such a direct effect that can change the whole national security policy of Israel….Israel should look at it as an almost direct threat to Israel.

He warned that 2,000-3-000 Jordanian jihadists recently returned home from fighting with extremist rebels in Syria “to prepare the ground for the next stage.”

Ziv is of the opinion that ISIS is not only targeting Iraq and Syria but has a clear vision of creating a large Islamic state, which incorporates the territories of Jordan and Israel.

[Photo: TIP]