Israeli Green Tech Firm Wins 3rd Contract to Treat British Water

An Israeli firm, Mapal Green Energy, just landed its third contract with a British water utility, according to a report Thursday in the Times of Israel.

David Shamah, the Times of Israel’s technology correspondent, reported:

United Utilities, the UK’s largest listed water company, is the latest water utility to sign a contract with Israel’s Mapal Green Energy for wastewater treatment. United Utilities is now the third UK water provider to purchase Mapal’s bubble aeration water purification system for use in municipal and regional water supply systems. …

In a Mapal system, water bubbles infused with air are used to clean water as part of aeration systems, removing pollutants and separating sludge from water. The treatment removes most solid waste and pollutants, allowing water providers to purify and recycle water quickly and efficiently. Mapal’s technology eliminates many problems that have stymied adoption of the more effective and less expensive bubble purification technology.

The deal with United Utilities follows deals last year with two other British utilities, Anglian Water and Thames Water. Mapal’s technology will be treating water that is supplied to over 25 million British homes.

In addition, the savings generated by Mapal’s technology led to its invitation to join British Water, a “leading trade body” in the United Kingdom. This designation will give Mapal access to British Water’s “networks of manufacturers, consultants and contractors.”

Israel has been a global leader in water technologies, which have been exported to help agriculture in arid lands and to reduce water consumption in a number of American states. A new Israeli technology even can produce drinking water out of the humidity in the air.

In the April 2014 issue of The Tower Magazine, Akiva Bigman wrote The Myth of the Thirsty Palestinian, explaining that, contrary to commonly accepted slander, “to the extent that a viable water supply infrastructure exists in the West Bank, it is because Israel built and maintained it and its benefits have not been denied to the Palestinians.”

[Photo: GAI MAGEN / YouTube ]