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Barak: Terror Groups Will Soon Have Precision Missiles

Israel’s enemies – led by Hezbollah and Hamas – will possess precision guided missiles within five years, according to the country’s former prime minister, Ehud Barak.

“We will continue to see many more missiles, a lot more accuracy, and within five years the missile will reach a maximum level of accuracy that will allow them to choose which building in Israel to hit. These means will proliferate, and will be cheaper for terror organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas in Gaza,” he added. “In the future we will see terrorism backed by science and technology.”

In Israel’s assessment some 170,000 rockets and missiles are already pointed in Israel’s direction, the majority of those from Hezbollah to the north.

The idea that terror organizations can obtain better, even “game-changing” weapons is a red line for Israel.

There have been reports in recent months of Israeli strikes on weapons convoys as they made their way from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon and from Iran to Gaza.

Barak believes such advances by the terrorists are unacceptable.

“Somewhere in a small lab, hostile elements sit planning the future weapon of mass destruction. This is an unprecedented terrorism potential,” he stated, adding, “We can’t wait until the threat is realized, as the gap will be difficult to close.”

Israel maintains Iran is behind much of the arms supply and repeatedly reminds the terrorists it will do whatever necessary to protect Israel’s civilian population.

[Photo: U.S. Navy/ Wiki Commons]