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Gains in Hand, Hezbollah Moves to Block Rebels From Entering Lebanon

Lebanese media on Wednesday described Hezbollah-controlled areas of Beirut as having settled into “an atmosphere of contentment” – with the mood being particularly prominent “among Hezbollah party leaders, cadres, and partisans” – after Hezbollah fighters seized the Syrian border town of Yabroud on behalf of the Bashar al-Assad regime.

The Iran-backed terror group has been struggling to contain blowback generated by its involvement in Syria on behalf of the regime, and Lebanon’s Daily Star noted that the party’s “most pressing task is to give [Beirut’s] southern suburbs peace of mind after the nightmare of rigged cars and suicide bombers.” Control over Yabroud is set to enable the organization to among other things choke off the “Syrian source” of anti-Hezbollah violence flowing into Lebanon.

Observers fear that, in addition to stemming jihadist movements, Hezbollah has been moving to restore its shattered brand as an anti-Israel pro-Lebanon organization by provoking the Jewish state into a conflict. Israeli journalist Avi Issacharoff reported Tuesday that Hezbollah may be shifting resources.

The achievements of the Syrian army and Hezbollah in the city may not bring about a dramatic change, but they are certainly perceived as significant. This is a resounding failure for the troubled and divided opposition.

Hezbollah-affiliated media reported that the Syrian army is continuing to advance in the Yabroud region. It is conceivable that as these significant military achievements continue, Hezbollah will be able to allocate more resources in an attempt to draw blood from Israelis on the Golan Heights and the surrounding areas.

[Photo: primejunta / Flickr]