Issue #8

November 2013
The Tower Magazine

Ataturk, Ben-Gurion, and Turkey's Road Not Taken

Both Israel and Turkey were founded on a secular, ethnic-nationalist, modern and Western-facing vision. But as GABRIEL MITCHELL shows, little differences can mean a lot when it comes to democracy—and it's playing out before our eyes today.

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Why Are There Jihadists In Minnesota?

They traveled from Somalia to the Great Lakes in search of a better life. But now their kids are joining al-Shabab. AIDEN PINK traveled to Minneapolis, where he learned about the newest front in anti-terror.

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The Decent Marxist

When Norman Geras passed away last month, the world lost an unusually articulate, indefatigable, left-wing thinker who opposed anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, and illiberalism in all its forms. JOHN-PAUL PAGANO shows us the way.

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The Next Cultural Superpower?

Small countries can contribute a lot to the world cultural stage. BENJAMIN KERSTEIN explores the precedents in the last half-century—and what they could mean for the future of the Jewish state.

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Facebook Democracy is Good Democracy

For a country that loves its politicians accessible, down-to-earth, and above all authentic, social media have become an invaluable way to talk to your voters. LAHAV HARKOV explores the new political discourse emerging in the Jewish State.

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PHOTOS: And Wine Soothes the Soul of Man

In recent years, Israeli vintners have become a global legend. AVIRAM VALDMAN visits the deep purple world of wondrous winemaking.

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