Issue #7

October 2013
The Tower Magazine

Who Is the Real Big Winner of the Arab Spring?

Could the pundits be wrong? While conventional wisdom holds Israel's strategic situation has taken a big hit across the Middle East, GABRIEL SCHEINMANN says the opposite is true.

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Of Utopian Dreamers and the Israeli Spirit

After a decade of research, Yossi Klein Halevi has produced the new Israeli epic. DAVID HAZONY profiles the author of "Like Dreamers," which tracks the paratroopers who took the Temple Mount in 1967, and whose lives mirrored the history they made.

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The Big Hamas Elephant

Western leaders talk about peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. But a third of the Palestinians live under a Hamas in Gaza, which will never make peace with Israel. What, ELHANAN MILLER asks, can they hope to achieve?

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Tel Aviv: Culinary Cathedrals of the White City

ASHLEY RINDSBERG takes us to some of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv, and discovers an eating culture that is exquisite, rapidly changing, and couldn't give a fig for Michelin ratings.

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Will Egypt’s Liberals Ever Win?

As a new military-backed regime in Cairo works to stabilize Egypt, prospects for long-term reform seem unclear at best. ARMIN ROSEN spent some time with liberal activists there, and came away with more questions than answers.

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PHOTOS: Loving Life at the Dead Sea

With its air rich in oxygen and its minerals an ancient balm for the afflicted, nothing in the Middle East compares for otherworldliness with the Dead Sea. AVIRAM VALDMAN takes us there.

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