Issue 51

August-September 2017
The Tower Magazine

Palestinian Victory on the Temple Mount

RICHARD LANDES revisits the Temple Mount crisis and asks: Looking back, who really won? And what does winning look like?

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Animal Rights, Judaism, and Veganism in Israel

Does a Jewish state relate differently to animal rights? SHECHARYA FLATTE takes a look at new developments on the ground.

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As Scientology Spreads, Israelis Yawn

The cult of Scientology is spreading quickly in the Jewish state, but as TAMAR LEVESON shows, Israelis don't seem to care much.

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What Was the Knesset Speaker Doing in Moscow?

GARY DREYER, child of Jewish immigrants from the Soviet Union to America, explores the meaning of Yuli Edelstein's recent speech before the Russian parliament.

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How an Anti-Israel Propaganda Platform was Turned Around

GERALD STEINBERG on how one of the most prestigious medical journals, The Lancet, turned briefly into an anti-Israel rag, and then turned back.

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