Issue 50

June-July 2017
The Tower Magazine

The Next Jewish Identity?

American Jewry faces an unprecedented demographic, cultural, and political crisis. Can "Israeliness" offer a way out? DAVID HAZONY explores the newest way to be Jewish.

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The Myth of the "Lone Wolf" Terrorist

In the age of ISIS and "inspired terror," nobody is really acting alone. JULIE LENARZ shows how Western thinking has gone wrong.

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Hezbollah: Bigger, Stronger, Nastier than Ever

SETH J. FRANTZMAN looks at the lessons of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war, and the dramatic changes Hezbollah has undergone since then. The next war will look very different.

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The Impossible Question of Occupation

The facile calls to "end the occupation" misunderstand the powerful strategic and moral goals that underlie Israel's century-long struggle for survival. BENJAMIN KERSTEIN raises the questions nobody wants to answer.

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The Mysteries of Magdala

SARA TOTH STUB explores the ancient Jewish town Magdala, discovered by archaeologists in 2009 and home to a new institute that brings Palestinian Christians and Israeli Jews together.

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PHOTOS: Jerusalem Before 1967

Since the Holy City was unified under Israeli rule in 1967, the city has become a thriving hub of religious freedom, modernization, and technology. To understand just how dramatic a change it's been, here's how the city looked beforehand.

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