Issue 46

January 2017
The Tower Magazine

Who Will Talk About Iran's War Crimes in Syria?

Iranian forces, command structures, and money have caused the worst atrocities of the last decade. But as BENJAMIN T. DECKER shows, these are barely seen in Western media reports. Will anyone be held to account?

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In Susiya, False Narratives Drown Out Reality

EYLON ASLAN-LEVY visited the controversial West Bank town of Susiya, where he found a miasma of conflicting visions, historical distortions and legal ambiguities symbolic of a much bigger conflict over land and the future.

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I Fought ISIS in Syria. This Is What I Learned

Reports of atrocities led ROBERT AMOS to join the Kurds' fight against ISIS in northern Syria. There he discovered a world of conflicting ideologies, surprising optimism, and a familiar revolutionary spirit.

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How Do You Say 'Kotel' in Chinese?

SARA TOTH STUB explores the deepening ties between Israel and China, as seen in a dramatic increase in tourism, trade, and a deep mutual curiosity.

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The NYT's Special Words for Certain Places

Why does the New York Times treat the West Bank differently from all other disputed territories on earth? GILEAD INI takes a close look.

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PHOTOS: A Chanukah Miracle

After thousands of Israeli children had their toys and other precious items destroyed in a massive wildfire, donors from around the world pitched in to provide them with new, happier memories.

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