Issue 38

May 2016
The Tower Magazine

The Case for Israeli Sovereignty on the Golan

From every perspective—legal, historical, and common-sense—Israel's claim to permanent sovereignty in the territories captured in 1967 from the country formerly known as Syria is airtight. EYLON ASLAN-LEVY explains.

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The King of Holocaust Denial

Mahmoud Abbas has inspired the Palestinians for more than a decade. But as EDY COHEN shows, his worldview was built on a radically distorted view of history. What could this mean for the prospects of peace?

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Righteous Among the Nations, At Home in Israel

NATHAN JEFFAY explores the lives of Europeans who risked their lives to save Jews in the Holocaust, and then made their own lives in the Jewish state.

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Totalitarian Terror in Tehran

ANNIKA HERNROTH-ROTHSTEIN traveled to Iran, where she discovered a government apparatus dedicated to instilling fear in every citizen, even more insidious than that of the Soviet Union.

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PHOTOS: Eilat, City of Sun and Endless Fun

Tower photographer AVIRAM VALDMAN took his camera to Israel's deep south, where, surrounded by an intimidating landscape, tourists go to forget their troubles.

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