Issue 37

April 2016
The Tower Magazine

Inside the IDF's Super-Secret Brain Trust

What do Israel's advanced tunnel detection, missile defense, and cyberwarfare capabilities all have in common? JASON GEWIRTZ explores the elite Talpiot unit, a collection of the smartest young minds on earth.

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How the Iran Entente Caused the Syria Crisis

KYLE ORTON explores how the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of our time has been enabled every step of the way by American policy.

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He Saved Gabby Giffords. Can He Save Arizona?

ANTHONY BERTEAUX profiles a rising star in the Democratic party: Daniel Hernandez, Jr., a gay Latino activist running for the Arizona state legislature, whose progressive agenda is as deeply ingrained as his support for Israel.

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The Holocaust, the Left, and the Return of Hate

In Europe and around the world, the political far-Left is legitimizing outright anti-Semitism. But as JAMIE PALMER shows, there's a long and awful history at play.

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Why Are Hamas' Terror Tunnels Collapsing?

DAN FEFERMAN offers a beginner's guide to Hamas' intricate network of tunnels, and looks into rumors that Israel might be behind the repeated failure of the scariest weapons in the terrorists' arsenal.

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Photos: Purim Like No Place on Earth

While Jews around the world were popping poppy-packed hamentaschen and grinding their groggers, Israelis were up to something else entirely. AVIRAM VALDMAN takes a look.

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