Issue 34

January 2016
The Tower Magazine

The Looming Global Nuclear Weapons Crisis

EMILY B. LANDAU explores one of the least-discussed, and scariest, implications of the Iran Deal: The possibility that the whole global mechanism for stopping the spread of nuclear arms might soon unravel.

continue reading >> From left: Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, and Secretary of State John Kerry defend the nuclear deal before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Photo: U.S. Department of State / Wikimedia

BDS Has a New Target: Your Kids

An anti-Israel curriculum is making inroads in Jewish schools across America. MAX SAMAROV & AMANDA BOTFELD offer a chilling critique.

continue reading >> Inside the Linn Schoolhouse in Marion, Ohio. Photo: Todd Petrie / flickr

The EU's Israel Problem Goes Far Beyond Labels

STEVEN J. ROSEN explores how the European bureaucracy is trying to slowly shackle the Jewish state, leading to a de facto boycott over time.

continue reading >> The Berlaymont, the headquarters of the European Commission. Photo: Glyn Lowe / flickr

A New Dawn for Argentina?

Since assuming the presidency, Mauricio Macri has signaled a change of direction for the country, beginning with a rejection of its decades-long collusion with Iran and Venezuela. EAMONN MACDONAUGH asks: Will he follow through?

continue reading >> Mauricio Macri is swarmed by reporters, July 2015. Photo: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires / flickr

Germany's Jewish Past Trumps Its Jewish Present

SHANY MOR visited two synagogues in Germany, and discovered two radically different approaches to Jewish identity in the shadow of the Holocaust. Which will win out?

continue reading >> The Mainz Synagogue. Photo: Manuel Herz Architects / Wikimedia

PHOTOS: The Ultimate Refuge

For such a small country, Israel enjoys an astonishing diversity of species and climates. AVIRAM VALDMAN visited three of the country's leading wildlife refuges—and came face to face with nature's stark truths.

continue reading >> DSC_1294