Issue 29

August 2015
The Tower Magazine

The Democratic Party, on the Edge of the Abyss

As the White House goes full-court press on leading Democrats to support the Iran Deal, MARTIN PERETZ asks whether voters will ever trust the party again to safeguard national security.

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Iran Has Built an Army of Cyber-Proxies

Americans are starting to learn how vulnerable they are to cyber-attack. JORDAN BRUNNER explores how Iran, flush with new cash, could soon be in a position to bring a nightmare few can imagine.

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Will Yemen's Gays Survive the Houthis?

This Arab country had a thriving, if underground, LGBT community. But as BEN GLADSTONE shows, Iranian expansionism might mean its end.

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Why a Major U.S. Church Chose Hate over Peace

SHIRI MOSHE takes a look at the events that led the United Church of Christ to boycott the Jewish state.

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It's All About Amba!

Want a real Mediterranean diet? JARED KAUFMAN gives us a taste of amba, the most important Israeli condiment you've never heard of.

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PHOTOS: Building a Railway to the Future

Israel's two great cities, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, are about to get a lot closer. AVIRAM VALDMAN takes us to the building site of the new railway that will change the country forever.

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