Issue 24

March 2015
The Tower Magazine

More Biased than Goldstone? The UN Reports on Gaza

Even with its discredited chairman gone, the new UN report on the Gaza war will be every bit as biased. HILLEL NEUER shows how such reports are dictated far in advance--by strong-minded people you've never heard of.

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Meet the Proxies: How Iran Spreads Its Empire

In Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and elsewhere, Tehran has perfected the art of gradually conquering a country without replacing its flag. DAVID DAOUD explores the New Expansionism.

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The Global Pogrom Can Be Stopped. Here's How

The Global Pogrom has taken lives, legitimized violence, and spread fear among Jews across Europe and beyond. But as BENJAMIN KERSTEIN shows, there is a great deal that can be done to roll it back.

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Why Reform & Conservative Can't Get Israel Right

Leaders of Reform and Conservative Judaism in Israel tend to blame everyone but themselves for the movements' failure to take hold. LIAM HOARE suggests a fundamental shift in strategy.

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Is Argentina Safe for Jews?

A murdered prosecutor, a dismissed indictment, collusion with Iran, and leaks of anti-Semitism at the highest levels—this is Argentina today, EAMONN MACDONAGH reports.

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PHOTOS: Women of Valor and Steel

In the middle of the desert sits an IDF base where a unique, all-female unit works around the clock to train soldiers in high-intensity combat. Photographer AVIRAM VALDMAN takes us there.

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