Issue 23

February 2015
The Tower Magazine

The U.S. Let Iran Take Over Iraq. Are Nukes Next?

When MICHAEL PREGENT served with U.S. Forces in Iraq, he never imagined he would be witness to one of the most bizarre foreign policy decisions in American history.

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This Haredi Woman Wants Your Vote

Sick of being overlooked by Ultra-Orthodox political parties, a new movement could finally bring female Haredi representation to the Knesset. BETH KISSILEFF profiles Biz’chutan, which may spark a revolution in Israeli politics.

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The Rise of the Iranian Empire

How did it happen that the world's greatest exporter of terrorism, which calls for death to the West, has now taken control of four other countries? DAVID DAOUD explores what may be the greatest foreign policy catastrophe of our time.

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Charlie Hebdo and the Future of Europe

The terror attacks in Paris earlier this month led to a historic outpouring of support. But for those looking closely, the siege of the kosher supermarket was anything but a surprise. BENJAMIN KERSTEIN explains.

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Why is Japan Warming to the Jewish State?

In the past few years, Israel and Japan have developed closer economic, political, and ideological ties. AARON MENENBERG analyzes a burgeoning relationship.

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PHOTOS: In a Forest Dark and Deep

AVIRAM VALDMAN takes us to into the community of Havat Ma'on in the Judean Hills—an eerily peaceful setting overflowing with both political controversy and ancient resonance.

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