Issue 21

December 2014
The Tower Magazine

Goodbye Islamic State, Hello Islamic Republic?

The Obama administration’s latest approach to the Middle East may be its most dangerous yet, choosing terror-sponsor Iran over longtime Arab allies. DAVID DAOUD explains what's going on.

continue reading >> U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, ringed by security guards, speaks with Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird about the status of nuclear program negotiations with Iranian officials as he sits in a park at the scene of the talks, Vienna, Austria, on November 22, 2014. Photo: U.S. Department of State / flickr

How the Summer War Changed Israel's Soul

Operation Protective Edge had a profound effect on the Israeli psyche.
Disillusioned toward the prospects for peace and resigned to the world's lack of support, BENJAMIN KERSTEIN speaks for most Israelis by asking, "What's next?"

continue reading >> A Jewish woman prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City while holding an umbrella during heavy rainfall, November 16, 2014. Photo: Hadas Parush / Flash90

Wait, Iraq Is Now Iran?

Slowly but surely, forces tied to Iran have taken over the fight against the Islamic State—and are doing it with American air support. JONATHAN SPYER & AYMENN JAWAD AL-TAMIMI ask: At what cost?

continue reading >> Iraqi forces display vehicle and aircraft capabilities during the Iraqi Army Day celebration in the International Zone, Iraq, January 6, 2011. Photo: Daneille Hendrix / U.S. Army / Wikimedia

Gaza Is Not Northern Ireland, You Git

The Troubles and the Arab-Israeli conflict seem pretty similar with a cursory glance. But EAMONN MACDONAGH argues that comparing them only serves to excuse terrorism and obscure the real issues.

continue reading >> A British policeman buys lunch at Columbia Market, London. Photo: Jorge Royan / Wikimedia

Love and Song in the Shadow of War

Israeli music has long been profoundly shaped by its military history. From folk dancing to fusion rap, songs are suffused with a unique mix of cynicism and optimism, tragic loss and hope for the future. CORINNE BERZON shows us how.

continue reading >> Idan Amedi performs “It’s Over.” Photo: Idan Amedi / YouTube

PHOTOS: Exploring a Formerly Friendly City

Sitting at the crossroads of continents, religions, and former empires, Istanbul is one of the world's biggest, busiest—and most twisted—cities. Photographer AVIRAM VALDMAN shows us the city's glamour and squalor.

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