Issue 20

November 2014
The Tower Magazine

'Open Hillel' Is a Much Bigger Problem Than You Think

A campus movement promoting virulent anti-Israel positions threatens to overturn Jewish life on campuses. AIDEN PINK attended their first-ever conference, and what he saw was a lot more complicated than he expected.

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Bad to Worse: Fight ISIS But Empower Iran?

Iran is using the rise of ISIS to extract concessions in negotiations over its nuclear program. As DAVID DAOUD explains, the West's quest for "cooperation" is playing right into Tehran's hands.

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Getting High at the Lowest Place on Earth

More than 12,000 people attended the second annual Dead Sea Rave, which featured internationally renowned DJs playing music for Israelis dancing until dawn. YARDENA SCHWARTZ takes us there.

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A Serious Medical Journal Just Went Totally Clinical

The Lancet is one of the most widely respected medical journals in the world. But as LIAM HOARE documents, they abandoned their dispassionate analyses this summer in favor of anti-Israel conspiracy theories.

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Optimism In the Face of Hamas and War

This past year has been trying for Israel and its supporters. But as RICHARD A. BLOCK explains, the fundamental facts give hope for the future.

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PHOTOS: Kobani's Horror-Stricken Refugees

More than 150,000 civilians fleeing ISIS have gathered to await the fate of Kobani, where Kurdish forces are making a desperate stand. AVIRAM VALDMAN captured both the tragedy and the hope in their eyes.

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