Issue 17

August 2014
The Tower Magazine

A U.S. Ally is Behind the Gaza War, and It’s Not Israel

Unfathomably wealthy from its natural gas reserves, Qatar has become an enormous funder of terrorists and a headache for Washington. JONATHAN SPYER explores the frighteningly effective strategy of America's #1 "frenemy."

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Waking Up to a Global Pogrom

BENJAMIN KERSTEIN puts the hardest question on the table: Has Jewish life around the world entered an entirely new, truly dangerous phase?

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Why Everything Reported from Gaza is Crazy Twisted

Under the thumb of Hamas, Western journalists are told what and where to report, and those who break the rules risk abuse or death. Veteran reporter MARK LAVIE takes us inside.

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How to Deal with Rockets Falling Around You

The theaters and night-clubs are quiet, giving way to sirens and shelters and Iron Dome and the surprising strength of a city known for its parties. MIRANDA FRÜM shows us Tel Aviv at war, a moment as revealing as it is harrowing.

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Did the Peace Process Cause the Gaza War?

AARON MENENBERG looks back at the eruptions of violence between Israel and Palestinians over the last two decades and points to an uncomfortable fact: They tend to happen immediately after talks fail. Could there be a connection?

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PHOTOS: When War Becomes Home

It's been a long time since Israel has gone to war with so much domestic and global backing. AVIRAM VALDMAN took his camera to the latest round in the battle of West vs. Jihad.

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