Issue 15

June 2014
The Tower Magazine

How Corruption is Ruining the Palestinian Future

In a startling and exclusive first-hand account, AARON MENENBERG exposes how the Palestinian Authority systematically prevents Palestinian entrepreneurs, farmers, and investors from improving their lives.

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Jazz from the Promised Land

Who imagined that Israel would become a jazz juggernaut? ARYEH TEPPER explores the music, the history, and an unbelievable vibe that spans cultures and oceans—and one trumpeter who is blasting his way into the soul of a genre.

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The Anti-Zionism of J Street

If Zionism is the belief in Jewish self-determination through a Jewish state, AIDEN PINK explains, then nothing can be more its opposite than working to override Israel's democratic and policy choices through outside pressure.

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Nightmare on Sunset Blvd: To Be Jewish at UCLA

Report from the boycott battle lines: TESSA NATH, class of 2015, takes us inside the maelstrom of anti-Israel hate on her campus—and the growing climate of fear felt by anyone who speaks their mind in support of the Jewish State.

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The Apartheid Libel, Demolished

When Secretary of State Kerry dropped his now-infamous "A-Bomb," many may not have understood how truly wrong he was. EUGENE KONTOROVICH delivers a decisive dismissal of the idea on the basis on international law.

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PHOTOS: Ancient Rituals in the Land of the Bible

The Samaritans appeared in history over 2,500 years ago, and today they number around 700 people who follow the most ancient Israelite practices. AVIRAM VALDMAN shows us a Passover seder like none you've ever seen.

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