Issue 14

May 2014
The Tower Magazine

The Deep UN: Inside the Infrastructure of Hate

EXPOSÉ: The UN may have repealed its 1975 resolution equating Zionism with racism—but replaced it with a massively funded mechanism for delegitimizing Israel, still running today. BEN COHEN blows the lid off this latest UN scandal.

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How Should Rabbis Speak About Israel?

Instead of using the pulpit for critiquing the Jewish state, rabbis have an obligation to highlight Israel's strengths as a vibrant, democratic, and moral Jewish civilization—so says RICHARD A. BLOCK, the Reform movement's top rabbi.

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The Real Palestinian Refugee Crisis

Who is a refugee, and why has the Palestinian refugee crisis never been solved? As ASAF ROMIROWSKY shows, one big reason is the special UN body that was originally tasked with helping them—but is now a huge part of the problem.

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Getting Real in Transcendent Tel Aviv

MIRANDA FRÜM takes us into the sweet, steamy underbelly of trippy Tel Aviv, where modeling and raving and partying all tell us something about coming home.

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Marketplace of Dreams and Fresh Produce

In the last decade and a half, Jerusalem's open-air market has been transformed into a bustling commercial and cultural center. ASSAF DUDAI met with the people who made it happen.

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PHOTOS: An Ethiopian Easter in Jerusalem

This month, AVIRAM VALDMAN takes his camera into the most extraordinary of Christian rituals—the Ethiopian Easter candle-lighting in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

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