Issue 12

March 2014
The Tower Magazine

Yes, We Really Can Stop the Slaughter in Syria

Rwanda, Bosnia, Darfur: The world has learned that unspeakable mass atrocities can and must be stopped—or has it? BROOKLYN MIDDLETON explores the options for intervention.

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Ideology at the Oscars

RICK RICHMAN looks at two new films with similar plot-lines, both of which speak of love and identity among Israel's Arabs—but which have been treated very differently by the Hollywood establishment.

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Why Liberals Should Give Boycotters the Boot

HOWARD WOHL on the New York Times, the campus boycott movement, and the dangers of letting radicalism take over the Left.

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Hammered: The Palestinian Peace Paradox

Another round of peace talks, another round of failure. BENJAMIN KERSTEIN explores the grinding psychological burden of a conflict that never ends.

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Joining the Start-Up Nation Just Got a Lot Easier

A new index fund allows ordinary Americans to invest in a range of fast-growing Israeli companies. But as BEN COHEN shows, the path to massive investment is filled with challenges.

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PHOTOS: The Bedouin, Between Two Worlds

AVIRAM VALDMAN gives us a peek at the community that has benefited tremendously from the Israeli experience, yet remains very much apart.

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