Issue 11

February 2014
The Tower Magazine

Do ‘Syria,’ ‘Iraq’ and ‘Lebanon’ Still Exist?

Turns out that the Arab Spring did a lot more than just overthrow long-standing regimes. In some cases, JONATHAN SPYER discovers, borders have melted away and countries have effectively vanished.

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The Woman Who Makes Jihadists Squirm

For over a decade, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner has led the charge against terrorists and their paymasters through civil litigation. As DAVID HAZONY explains, she's also changed how we think about the whole fight against terror.

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Why the Left Ought to Love the Jewish State

Once its greatest champions, radical Leftists now seek to paint Israel as racist, oppressive, and colonialist. JOSHUA MURAVCHIK exposes that hypocrisy, and offers a definitive response, grounded in the most liberal principles.

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On Feminists and Pioneers in Early Zionism

LAUREN DAVIDSON explores the complicated experience of women in the early years of the Zionist movement, and a new film that takes an unadorned look.

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The Afterworldly Imagination of Ofir Touché Gafla

One of Israel's most innovative new novelists has just landed on the American scene. BETH KISSILEFF talks to the man who will change the way we think of time, past, and future.

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PHOTOS: A Faith Under Fire

Israel's Christian Arab minority enjoys more freedom than any of their coreligionists in the Middle East. AVIRAM VALDMAN shows us how they're dealing with an increasingly Muslim region.

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