PHOTOS: The Election’s Israel Angle

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Though Israel was not central to the U.S. election, it was a major issue for both U.S. Jews and Americans living in the Jewish state.

The United States is at the end of one of its most hotly-contested, furiously passionate, and at times borderline deranged presidential elections. And, of course, Jewish communities, always very politically active, are taking part.

Candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both avowedly pro-Israel and have Jewish grandchildren, but their candidacies have divided the Jewish community in the U.S. as well as American citizens living in Israel.
The images in this essay show the many sides of Jewish activism. Here are both candidates speaking at the AIPAC Policy Conference and meeting with Netanyahu, campaign surrogates making their case to the Jewish community, Jews attending rallies and registering voters, and even Israeli-Americans in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem making sure they are properly signed up to vote by absentee ballot.

More than anything else, however, these pictures show that the world’s Jews remain deeply and profoundly dedicated to the principles of participatory democracy, which has served them so well in the past and will do so long after November 8.

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Banner Photo: Erin Schaff / flickr