Issue 35

February 2016
The Tower Magazine

In the Safe Spaces on Campus, No Jews Allowed

ANTHONY BERTEAUX takes a look at how campus groups meant to give students a sense of belonging have instead become incubators of anti-Semitism and exclusion.

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How NGOs Became a Weapon Against Israel

Far-Left NGOs, secretly funded by the EU, have changed Israeli discourse and fueled the fire of anti-Israel hate. As GERALD STEINBERG writes, the latest headlines are only the beginning of a blow-up years in the making.

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Martin Luther King, Hijacked by Academic Radicals

A. JAY ADLER explores the fantasy world of far-Left academia, where Palestinians are the iconic victim, Jews the cosmic oppressor, and Martin Luther King, Jr. rolls in his grave.

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Surfing for Peace, One Wave at a Time

The ocean knows no borders, and the waves speak only truth. BENJAMIN T. DECKER met with a small group of Israelis, Gazans, and others working to bring understanding through surfing.

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PHOTOS: The Beautiful, Blazing Southern Desert

Covering half of Israel's territory, the Negev is home to some of the most extraordinary natural and human finds. AVIRAM VALDMAN takes us there.

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