Issue #6

September 2013
The Tower Magazine

Say It Again. Kurdish Independence Now

Syria has failed. Iraq is breaking apart. But in both countries, one region has become an island of civil order and pro-Western sentiment. JONATHAN SPYER makes the case for Kurdistan.

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Why I Sometimes Don’t Fully Hate the UN

With its awful record on terror and Israel, many consider the UN a travesty. But as BEN COHEN writes, it is really two separate organizations: One tries to improve humanity; the other advances the Palestinian cause at any price.

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Iran Is *Really* Good at Evading Sanctions

Tehran's military nuclear program keeps expanding, even under the toughest sanctions yet. EMANUELE OTTOLENGHI offers a breathtaking look at the regime’s secret tactics. If Western leaders really want to stop Iran, they will have to get much more serious, fast.

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A Pitched Battle for the Only Empty Place Left

LIAM HOARE explores the Negev desert, a vast expanse that has become a battleground between Bedouin needing room for their growing families while preserving their traditions, Jews looking to build a new kind of life, and authorities just trying to impose the rule of law.

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Assaf Inbari Is Looking for a Home

Born on a dying kibbutz in the Galilee, a journalist decided to eternalize the rise and fall of a utopia. The result was ’Home,’ a Marquez-like epic that suddenly placed him among Israel’s literary elite. EETTA PRINCE-GIBSON paid a visit.

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PHOTOS: Summer Before the Storm

Just before what might be an autumn of teeth-grinding battle and lost opportunities, AVIRAM VALDMAN aims his camera at the unique indulgences of what was an unseasonably cool Israeli summer.

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