Issue 47

February 2017
The Tower Magazine

Move the Embassy—for America's Sake

AARON MENENBERG looks at the problem of recognizing Israel's capital through the lens of classic American values.

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Can Trump Break the Russian-Iranian Alliance?

Russia and Iran have teamed up in Syria, cementing the Islamic Republic's regional ambitions. ANNA BORSHCHEVSKAYA offers advice to the new American president on how to pry them apart.

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Israel's Influence Spreads Across Africa

SETH J. FRANTZMAN looks at how Israel's international development agency is helping African economies grow.

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We Are Still Living With Eisenhower's Big Mistake

A new book on President Eisenhower's fateful decision to side with Egypt against American allies in 1956 has profound repercussions for today. MICHAEL J. TOTTEN explores the lessons of 'Ike's Gamble.'

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The Real Meaning of Anti-Israel Hatred

In an exclusive excerpt from his new book, BERNARD-HENRI LEVY explores the newest forms of anti-Semitism, and the bright future that Israel offers.

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Israeli Music: Like Nothing Else on Earth

This isn't your grandfather's hora: Israeli music incorporates Mizrahi melodies, Western beats, and instruments from all over the world. The Tower provides everything you need to know about Israeli radio—and a playlist to boot.

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