Issue 45

December 2016
The Tower Magazine

The Iranian Empire Is Almost Complete

The displacement of Sunnis in Syria, Hezbollah's takeover of Lebanon, the rise of Shi'ite militias in Iraq—it all adds up to a new and terrifying empire headquartered in Tehran and stretching to the Mediterranean. HANIN GHADDAR explains.

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A Blaze of Light in Every Word

What made Leonard Cohen so powerful as a modern Jewish artist? BENJAMIN KERSTEIN suggests it might be because his sources were rooted deep in Jewish literary history.

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The Holocaust as a Weapon Against Jews

THANE ROSENBAUM explores the rise and fall of the Holocaust as a cultural icon—and how it was then weaponized against Israel.

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Why Did This Huge Christian Charity Help Hamas?

World Vision is an enormous charity network that was recently accused of aiding Palestinian terror. But as LUKE MOON reports, it has been attacking Israel for decades.

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Can Jordan's Economy Survive the Refugee Crisis?

Jordan is a pillar of any U.S.-based strategy for stability in the Middle East. Yet as DAVID SCHENKER writes, the kingdom now risks economic ruin.

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PHOTOS: A Light Unto Nations

In America, Chanukah is the best-known Jewish holiday, a time of gift-giving and gelt, symbolizing Jewish commitment. In Israel, it has a different, more specific, and ancient sense.

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