Issue 44

November 2016
The Tower Magazine

What the Next President Must Do About the World

Veteran foreign correspondent MICHAEL J. TOTTEN explains that in order to keep America safe, the 45th Commander-in-Chief must be more resolute towards both allies and adversaries.

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The Far-Left is Tearing Itself Apart Over Syria

As the Syrian Civil War degenerates even further, the pro-Palestinian movement has been split into two camps—those who oppose all human rights violations, and those who only care when they can blame the West. JAMIE PALMER explains.

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In Mosul, With Our Real Allies

SETH J. FRANTZMAN writes a dispatch from Iraq, where ISIS is increasingly on the run, thanks largely to Kurdish forces. But will the U.S. continue to support its most helpful military partners in the area?

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House of Kurds

It's true that the Kurds have been supportive allies who share many Western values. But, BERNARD STANFORD argues, a failure to think long-term is making the region even more violent and unstable.

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To My Younger Siblings, Scared About College

Jewish college student PERI FELDSTEIN explains to her younger brother and sister what they have to look forward to—and what they need to be prepared for.

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PHOTOS: The Israel Angle on the U.S. Election

The never-ending election is only a few days away. Here's a look back at both candidates' outreach to Israel's supporters around the world.

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