Issue 43

October 2016
The Tower Magazine

Why Did It Take So Long to Love Shimon Peres?

He fought for grand ideas, many of which failed. He maneuvered in politics and behind the scenes, and only won the country's admiration in his final years. BENJAMIN KERSTEIN writes about the ultimate triumph of Israel's ninth president.

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Will Balochistan Ever Find Freedom?

Across Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran, a people that longs for an independent secular state is brutally oppressed in its homeland. JULIE LENARZ reports.

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The Rise of 'Soft' Holocaust Denial

The latest trend in clever evils is downplaying, rather than denying, the slaughter of six million Jews. ZACH BEN-AMOTS shows us how it's done.

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Israeli Cows are Taking Over the World

The next Israeli revolution coming your way is in the dairy industry. SARA TOTH STUB presents an udderly surprising report.

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Mizrahi History Finds Its Place in Israeli Education

ARYEH TEPPER explores a deep change taking place in Israeli education: For the first time, history classes will give much more weight to the story of Jews from Arab lands.

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PHOTOS: The Many Lives of Shimon Peres

A lifetime of serving his country through creativity and determination, in photos.

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