Issue 33

December 2015
The Tower Magazine

To Save Itself, Liberal Europe Must Find Itself

JAMES BLOODWORTH explores the new challenge facing political leaders, in Great Britain and across Europe, in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.

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Israel Takes On Its Home-Grown Jihadists

For years Israel's Islamic Movement Northern Branch, now banned, has been accused of incitement, terror support, and ties to Hamas. RAFFA ABU TAREEF explores the history of the movement and its felonious leader, Raed Salah.

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Samantha, Powerless?

America's ambassador to the UN has a long record of advocating for humanitarian intervention to stop genocide and war crimes. But as MICHAEL J. TOTTEN shows, the crisis in Syria has become a case study in American impotence, or worse.

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Iran Is More Deeply Tied to ISIS Than You Think

BENJAMIN T. DECKER explores the story of Imad Mughniyeh, and explodes the myth that empowering Iran is the way to defeat ISIS.

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Could Houellebecq's World Really Happen?

Michel Houellebecq's dystopian novel "Submission" was published on the day of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. As BENJAMIN KERSTEIN writes, the book offers a chilling look at how Europe could be lost--and what can be done to prevent it.

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PHOTOS: Israel's Newest National Holiday

AVIRAM VALDMAN takes his camera to the observance of Sigd, a unique holiday for the Ethiopian Jewish community, celebrating the divine revelation of Moses.

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