Issue 31

October 2015
The Tower Magazine

How Israel Is Solving the Global Water Crisis

The world is running out of usable water, and from California to the Congo, governments are turning to Israel for help. DAVID HAZONY spoke with Seth M. Siegel, whose new book tells the incredible story.

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The Palestinian Endgame?

He has refused to negotiate with Israel, praised acts of terror, and now declared his intention to ignore Palestinian commitments. BEN COHEN & BENJAMIN KERSTEIN ask: What is Mahmoud Abbas' plan?

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Western Europe's Most Powerful Anti-Zionist

Jeremy Corbyn has defended 9/11 conspiracy theorists, appeared on Iranian state TV, and called Hamas and Hezbollah his "friends." LIAM HOARE examines the new leader of the British Labour Party.

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South Africa Has a Boycott Problem

In the land where apartheid reigned, one student leader realized that attacking Israel made no sense—and paid a heavy price. ANNIKA HERNROTH-ROTHSTEIN takes us there.

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The Curious Question of Russian Anti-Semitism

Violence targeting Jews has declined in Russia, but there's trouble beneath the surface. MIRIAM POLLOCK went to Saint Petersburg to hear what young people are saying when they think no one is listening.

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PHOTOS: The Etrogim of the Maghreb

The etrog is integral to celebrating the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. And the world's best etrogs are grown in Morocco. AVIRAM VALDMAN traveled to Marrakesh, the Atlas Mountains, and the Sahara Desert in search of the perfect citron.

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