Issue 30

September 2015
The Tower Magazine

Global Anti-Semitism Now Has a Leader

BEN COHEN explores the horrific theology of hate expounded by Ali Khamenei, and the implications of a rising Iran.

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Why Does Iran Keep Taking American Hostages?

It's hard to a remember a time when Tehran wasn't holding U.S. citizens on trumped-up charges. BRIDGET JOHNSON explores the Islamic Republic's policy of holding American feet to the fire.

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The Knesset's Female Pride

Today there are more women in Israel's parliament than ever before. YARDENA SCHWARTZ interviews them about the progress made, and the distance yet to go.

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As U.S. Power Wanes, Japan Reboots Its Military

American foreign policy has had unintended consequences around the world. ANTHONY BERTEAUX explores the resurgence of military thinking in Japan—and shows that it's not just talk.

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China's Deepening Interest in Israel

As its economic power rises and its strategic foundations have shifted underfoot, the Jewish state has developed an increasingly fruitful relationship with the most populous country on earth. ARYEH TEPPER takes us there.

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PHOTOS: Procession of the Icon

While Christians around the Middle East are persecuted, in Israel they celebrate their ancient traditions in freedom. AVIRAM VALDMAN takes us to one of the most stunning rituals in the churches of Jerusalem.

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