Issue 28

July 2015
The Tower Magazine

The Central Pillar of the Iran Deal Has a Big Flaw

If the emerging Iran deal is “not based on trust,” as John Kerry says, then it has to be based on the credible threat of reimposed sanctions. But as EMANUELE OTTOLENGHI explains, those threats are no longer credible.

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Alberto Nisman's Secret Recordings, Revealed

Before he was murdered, the Argentine prosecutor wiretapped over 40,000 phone calls. His one question: Did the Argentinian government conspire to cover up Iran's involvement in a terrorist attack? EAMONN MACDONAGH investigates.

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The Iran Talks: An Expert's Guide

The West is on the brink of a historic—some say catastrophic—nuclear deal with Iran. RAFAEL OFEK offers a quick primer on what they’re talking about.

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Tel Aviv's Nighttime Flying Creatures

Israel's most nocturnal city truly comes alive when the sun goes down, BENJAMIN KERSTEIN writes. The air is filled with the spray of the ocean, the scent of the fruit trees—and bats. Lots and lots of bats.

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Down and Out on the Temple Mount

For a thousand years it stood as the pinnacle of sanctity in Judaism, and for two thousand more as the focus of our dreams. So why, ANNIKA HERNROTH-ROTHSTEIN asks, can't a Jew even mumble a prayer there?

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PHOTOS: Prouder than Ever

As gays fight for acceptance across the Western world, AVIRAM VALDMAN shows how Tel Aviv takes pride to far greater lengths.

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