Issue 25

April 2015
The Tower Magazine

Iran Has a Serious Human Rights Problem

A new UN report paints a scathing picture of Iran as one of the worst regimes on earth. So why is America engaging? BEN COHEN takes a look.

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In Iraq, the U.S. and Iran Really Do Fight as Allies

American officials insist that despite fighting a hot war against the same enemy in the same place, the U.S. and Iran are not allies. MICHAEL PREGENT looks at the evidence.

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How We Lost Stanford University

Hidden intentions, deceptive tactics, aggressive radicalism, and above all, outside help—all these led the students at one of America's top universities to boycott Israel. MIRIAM POLLOCK '16 offers the anatomy of a defeat.

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Israel's LGBT Community Keeps Moving Forward

Pinkwashing was never a real thing. As CORINNE BERZON shows, progress for gays in Israel seems like an unstoppable force—and a symbol of hope.

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What If Israeli-Palestinian Security Cooperation Stops?

As attention shifts back to the Palestinian problem, leaders mull the PLO's call to stop cooperating with the IDF on security--the central pillar of the relative calm in the region. NERI ZILBER games out the scenarios moving forward.

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PHOTOS: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

There is only one place in the Middle East where freedom truly rings. AVIRAM VALDMAN shows us the Jewish State on election day 2015.

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