Issue 19

October 2014
The Tower Magazine

ISIS: Can the West Win Without a Ground Game?

U.S. air strikes aim to "degrade and destroy" the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. But as JONATHAN SPYER shows, a much bigger challenge will be preventing other extremists—especially Iranian proxies—from filling the vacuum.

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Has Argentina Turned Against its Jews?

Twenty years ago, 85 Argentinians were killed in an Iranian terrorist attack. Their families are still waiting for their government to deliver justice. EAMONN MACDONAGH exposes Argentina's capitulation to Iran at the expense of the truth.

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On Many Campuses, Hate is Spelled SJP

Students for Justice in Palestine has toiled for over a decade to transform college campuses into centers of terror support and hate speech. DANIEL MAEL offers the definitive primer on a group that sounds a little too much like Hamas.

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For the World Cup, Qatar Plays Dirty

Armed with massive wealth and a sordid relationship with terrorists from Al Qaeda to Hezbollah, Qatar is using "soccer diplomacy" to cover up its human rights record and support of terrorism. BEN COHEN has the details.

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The Sabras of Silicon Valley

Israel's start-up success has led to California tech titans competing for ownership of Israeli enterprises. It's not a case of Israeli "brain drain," as MIRIAM POLLOCK explains, but an arrangement that benefits both the U.S. and Israel.

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PHOTOS: Where Horses Run, and Run

In a city struggling with crime and poverty, Arabs, Jews, and Bedouins come together to enjoy the sport of kings. AVIRAM VALDMAN takes us off to the races.

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