Issue 10

January 2014
The Tower Magazine

The Last Lion of Judaea

Ariel Sharon embodied much of what Israelis have come to look for in a leader: Secular, bold, creative, and willing to take the world's endless abuse. BENJAMIN KERSTEIN explores his role in the Israeli psyche.

continue reading >> Ariel Sharon participates in a committee meeting in the Knesset, June 29, 2004. Photo: Sharon Perry / Flash90.

Losing American Support, the Gulf States Scramble

With America losing credibility across the Middle East, its longtime Arab allies are left facing the Iranian menace alone—and, as JONATHAN SPYER points out, they are increasingly looking elsewhere for support.

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How the Weak Iran Deal Makes War More Likely

Nobody wants either an Iranian nuclear bomb or an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. So why, EMANUELE OTTOLENGHI asks, are the world’s powers trying so hard to make them happen?

continue reading >> Boeing 707 refueling F-15s, June 28, 2011, Israeli Air Force Flight Academy ranks ceremony. Photo: Oren Rozen / Wikimedia

The Bedouin’s Outrageous Claims to the Negev

AKIVA BIGMAN sets aside the emotional attraction to the protests against the Prawer plan, and puts a critical eye to the movement's real aims. The results are deeply troubling.

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A Chameleon in the Courtyard of the Divine

On the invisible frontiers between Israel and America, between Torah and
literary fiction, Ruchama King Feuerman found her muse. BETH KISSILEFF interviewed her in the office of a New Jersey psychoanalyst. Why not?

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PHOTOS: White Fire on Gold

AVIRAM VALDMAN takes his camera through the biggest snowstorm to hit Israel in over a century.

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