Issue #1

April 2013
The Tower Magazine

The Only Country Left Standing

Foreign policy "realists" have long argued that America's interests lie in supporting the oil sheikhs and putting pressure on Israel. With the region in turmoil, has the calculus shifted? DAVID HAZONY asks what happens when the only country left standing is the one that some people never wanted to see.

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Rationalized Violence in the Land of Children

For DAHLIA LITHWICK, raising children in America meant keeping them safe from terrifying random violence. Now in Israel, things have started to make more sense.

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For Israeli Gays, It’s Not About the Ring

In a child-affirming culture, the struggle for equality focuses less on marriage and more on adoption, surrogacy, and parenthood. ZVIKA KRIEGER takes a look.

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Discovering Israel’s Lost Cities

Far away from the hustle of Tel Aviv and the ideological intensity of Jerusalem, there is a third Israel—places like Lod and Shfaram and Ramle—where Arabs and Jews relate to each other in a totally different way. ASHLEY RINDSBERG takes us there. Photos: Aviram Valdman

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Who Is Yair Lapid, and Why Should We Care?

Yair Lapid is Israel's hottest political phenomenon. But as WILLIAM KOLBRENER shows, his new book reveals a far more fascinating tale—of a son embodying his father's own voice, and a father who haunts not only his son but an entire country.

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PHOTOS: Golan Heights Like a Crazy Dream

Just a few miles from the Syrian tempest, AVIRAM VALDMAN took his camera for a trek to the northern Golan Heights, and discovered a world unlike any other.

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