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Dozens of Deaths in Egypt Set Stage for Week of Tension

Egyptian violence that spiked last Friday during rallies held by supporters of Egypt’s former president Mohamed Morsi – the events were part of a “Day of Rejection” called for by Morsi supporters – extended through the weekend and into Monday. Dozens were reportedly killed over the weekend, as rival protests are broke out.

On Friday at least three pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters and one solders were killed, as Morsi supporters attempted to march on the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo where Morsi is rumored to be held. On Sunday 42 Muslim Brotherhood supporters were killed as they rallied in front of the same location. Witnesses – including Brotherhood witnesses – were explicit that the live fire did not come from the army, which limited itself to tear gas and warning shots. Egypt’s interim government has opened an investigation into the deaths.

Later Friday, interim president Adly Mansour dissolved the Shura Council, the upper house of the Brotherhood-led parliament. The Lower house had already been dissolved by the military shortly after Morsi was elected a year ago.

Meanwhile, Brotherhood supreme guide Mohammed Badie addressed a crowd of tens of thousands in Cairo’s Nasr City district, committing to pursuing Morsi’s reinstatement. Badie had previously been reported to be held by security forces after being caught trying to flee to Libya.

At least 200 senior Brotherhood members were arrested by military authorities Thursday and Friday.

[Photo: Euronews / Youtube]