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Rocket Launched From Gaza Triggers Israeli Air Defense System

The firing of at least one mortar shell from Gaza set off air defense systems in southern Israel, The Times of Israel reported Wednesday.

It is unclear if the projectile was intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome anti-rocket system. A spokesman for the Eshkol region in southern Israel said, “As of now, there are no known impact sites.”

Earlier in the day, sirens were set off in Israel when an explosive device was thrown against the border fence. According to the IDF, the device exploded inside of Gaza.

Also on Wednesday, three explosive devices carried by balloons entered Israel from Gaza. All exploded but caused no damage or injuries.

On Tuesday night, the Israeli Air Force conducted raids against targets inside of Gaza, after terrorists sent explosive devices borne by balloons into Israel earlier in the day. One of the bombs exploded near two building in southern Israel but caused no damage or injuries.

The Times described the latest events as occurring “amid an uptick in violence in and around the Gaza Strip in recent days, with nightly riots and daily attacks by Palestinians launching balloon-borne explosive devices into southern Israel.”

A United Nations report covering Israel’s response to the violent Hamas-led riots, called The Great March of Return, accused Israel of deliberately targeting non-combatants. However, an analysis conducted by NGO Monitor found that the report by the UN’s investigators reflected a “lack of expertise and muddled analysis.”

An IDF investigation of the Hamas-led riots concluded that “over 1,300 rockets and mortars have been launched towards Israel, resulting in death and injury, property damage, psychological injury and economic harm.” The report noted further that the majority of the rockets were fired on Fridays and Saturdays, “immediately after mass violent riots.” This suggests that the riots were staged, at least in part, to cover for other military activity that the terrorist rulers of Gaza wished to conduct.

[Photo: AP Archive / YouTube ]