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Podcast: Between War and Elections

Lior Weintraub, Vice President and Director of the Israel Office of The Israel Project, hosted journalists Tal Shalev and Neri Zilber to review an intense week in Israel on the latest Tipping Point podcast.

The three discussed how early elections in Israel were avoided last minute and how long the government will last. They also asked who are the winners and losers of the latest political drama, which new figures are expected to shine in the next elections, and will Ehud Barak make a comeback?

Afterwards, they discussed whether Israel lost its deterrence following last week’s intense fighting and the controversial cease-fire agreement with Hamas. The panel also examined whether the political crisis in Israel impacts Netanyahu’s maneuverability on Gaza and if Trump’s long-awaited peace plan will be able to bring any real change.

At the end, Shalev, Zilber and Weintraub faced a pop-quiz and suggested a surprising nominee for Israel’s position for foreign minister.

The complete podcast is embedded below:

[Photo: The Israel  Project ]