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U.S., Israel Announce Joint Effort to Enforce Economic Sanctions on Iran

The United States and Israel announced a joint task force to enforce sanctions on Iran, The Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday.

In a meeting with U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon said, “the sanctions on Iran contribute to removing a threat to Israel’s security and to the security of the entire free world.”

The team, which will be comprised of professionals from both governments, will have a special focus on sanctions related to the high-tech sector.

The meeting between Mnuchin and Kahlon was the fourth between the two officials over the past year.

Praising the U.S. sanctions as “effective,” Kahlon said, “They contribute to the removal of the threat to Israel’s security and to the security of the entire free world, and this is why we should be thankful to the US.”

“Treasury’s illicit finance team works closely with counterparts in Israel on efforts to counter the financing of terrorism, money laundering and other illicit finance schemes and sanctionable conduct emanating from Iran,” a Treasury Department spokesperson said.

Earlier this month the U.S. reimposed sanctions on Iran’s automotive sector, as well as some exports, including pistachios and carpets. The newly reimposed sanctions also limit Iran’s access to industrial metals. If Iran doesn’t change its behavior — including the support of terror and pursuit of nuclear weapons — the U.S. will reimpose more severe sanctions, including those targeting Iran’s oil industry in November.

[Photo: Moshe Kahlon / Facebook ]