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The Israel Project Publishes Resources on Sharon’s Life and Legacy

The Israel Project (TIP) made available today a range of resources highlighting the accomplishments – and, as importantly, the ongoing legacy – of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The Tower’s own obituary is here, [1] and the Tower Magazine’s more in-depth look at the Israeli leader’s life is here. [2]

Josh Block, President and CEO of TIP, described Sharon as an “embodiment of the Jewish state and a heroic protector of her people, who will be remembered not only for his strength, but for his courage in pursuit of peace. Sharon’s contributions to bolstering the US-Israel relationship made both nations safer, and kindled the bonds of democracy, liberty, and shared values that we care so much about.”

TIP this morning also held a conference call with Dov Weissglass, a close friend, confidant, and former advisor to Sharon. The audio and transcript for the call will be available Sunday morning here [3] on TIP’s site. [4]

Infographics describing Sharon’s life can be found on TIP’s Flickr page, [5] and are embedded below.


[Photo: public.resource.org / Flickr [6]]