Issue 16

July 2014
The Tower Magazine

Time for Some New Friends in the Middle East

Decades of failed U.S. policy raise the question of whether it was a mistake to try to work with authoritarian, revolutionary Sunni Arab regimes. GABRIEL SCHEINMANN argues for a new, bottom-up approach.

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The Terror Within: A Survivor’s Tale

In December 2010, KAY WILSON was brutally attacked by terrorists in the forests outside Jerusalem. Since then, she has become a spokesperson for the rights of victims, the fight against terror—and the hope for a better future despite it all.

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A Big New Threat to Evangelical Support for Israel

American Evangelicals have long been steadfast in their support for the state of Israel. But as LUKE MOON explains, a small, influential group of young anti-Israel Evangelical activists are seeking to change that.

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The Weirdest Place in Tel Aviv

It's part concrete corn maze, part Dr. Seuss playground, and part post-apocalyptic trading post. MATTHEW SCHULTZ takes us through the grungy, grimy, glorious Tel Aviv Central Bus Station.

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The Sun Keeps Shining on Yosef Abramowitz

In his teens, Yosef Abramowitz fought for Soviet and Ethiopian Jews and dreamed of life on a kibbutz. Today his revolutionary passion is changing the way the Sun will power our future. ASSAF DUDAI has details.

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PHOTOS: Mountain of Moses, Beaches of Heaven

Since ancient times, the mysterious Sinai Peninsula has resonated in the imagination of Israelis and tourists from around the world. AVIRAM VALDMAN takes us to one of the few places left where reality outstrips imagination.

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